By default, you need Administrator user role privileges to add new users and to edit user information on the Users page. If you have User or Manager user role privileges, you can view a list of users on the Users page.

Users are persons, who can have user privileges in the Trackinno asset management service. For example, users can be set as holders for assets, and they can create new usages.

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Click Users on the left sidebar to view the Users page. On the Users page you can see a list of all the users. Use the Filter… field to search for users by inserting a keyword. Click  to edit user information,  to remove users, and  to view assets by user.

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Adding a new user

You can add users to the service in two ways: by adding them manually or by sending invites.

Adding a user manually

Add a new user by clicking New user button on the upper right corner. Fill in the user information and select a language and a user role for the user. Click Create user.


Inviting users

Another way to add users to your Trackinno asset management service is to use the Invite users feature on the upper right corner. Fill in how long the invitation will be valid for, then click Create invitation. The service creates a link, which will be valid for the amount of days you chose. Send the link to the person you want to invite (e.g. via email) to your Trackinno service. The link will open a registration form. Once the user has registered, remember to add a user role to the new user.



Easily add multiple users with the email invite. Just copy and paste the invitation link send it to the recipients you want as users to your Trackinno asset management service.

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View assets by user

Click the Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.13.24 button on the Users list to view what assets each user has. Clicking the button opens the Assets list filtered by specific holder.

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User roles

The default user roles are UserManager, and Administrator. The user role determines which user privileges the user has in the Trackinno service. The user role privileges are presented in the table below.

User role Create/Delete Update View
Administrator All All All
Manager Assets Assets All
User Assets (check out, check in, reservations) Assets, Locations, Users, History

To customize user roles, contact us via chat (on the lower right corner) or email (

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Updated on May 9, 2017

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