How do I get to the asset menu?

You can get to the asset menu via

  1. Trackinno tag or
  2. asset list.

1. Getting to the asset menu via reading a Trackinno tag

When reading tags with Trackinno Mobile application, you can access an asset’s menu by selecting that asset on the Collecting view’s list. If you use Trackinno with your smartphone’s browser, you get straight to asset menu by reading a Trackinno tag.

What is a Trackinno tag?
How do I read a Trackinno tag?

2. Getting to the asset menu via asset list

After logging in to the Trackinno asset management service, Trackinno start screen is shown. Select Assets. Via Assets button you get to the asset list. Only mine feature lists only the assets, that have you as a holder. Use the search field to quickly find the asset you are looking for. By selecting the asset on the list, you get to the asset menu.


You can search for an asset by its name or holder, for example.

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Updated on June 6, 2017

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