By default you need at least Manager user role privileges to view and edit the Files page.

Files represent attachments that can be added to assets in the Trackinno asset management service. For example, you can add to an asset information by uploading a user guide or a picture.

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Click your email address on the upper right corner to open the Settings menu. Select Files.


On the Files page you can see a list of all the files attached to assets. Attachments can be pictures, sounds, or documents.

You can search for files with the Quick filter… field above the list. You can sort the list by Name or Upload date by clicking the column titles.

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Uploading a new file

Add new files to assets by clicking +Upload files button on the upper right corner. Drag and drop files into the Attachments box. Alternatively, click the box and select files from your computer. Next, click +Add assets and select the assets to which you want to attach the files. Finish up by clicking Save.


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Updated on April 4, 2017

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