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By default you need at least Manager user role privileges to view the Data Fields page and Administrator user role privileges to edit the data fields.

Data fields are used to manage information related to assets, location types, labels, and side event types.

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Click your email address on the upper right corner to open the Settings menu. Select Data fields.


On the Data fields page you can see a list of all the data fields used in your Trackinno asset management service. The default data fields for the assets (ID, name, holder, status, labels and return date) are presented in grey colour on top of the list. These fields cannot be edited or removed.

The data fields below the default data fields are used, in addition to assets, for location types, side event types, and labels. These fields can be  edited or  removed, and you can also add new data fields.

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Adding a new data field

Add a new data field by clicking +New field button on the upper right corner. Fill in a name for the data field and select the field type (e.g. text input or date).


If you select Global, the field is available for all assets.

If you select Required, the field must be filled before saving.

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Updated on April 3, 2017

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