Dashboard is Trackinno asset management service’s home view where you can see the general overview of the state of your assets quick and easily. The Dashboard page provides visual information of your assets, usages, labels and files.

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The Assets section shows how many assets your organization has registered in the asset management service. By clicking the  icon you get to the asset list. By hovering the sections of the status overview graph, you can view how many assets are in use and how many are available. By clicking the sections, you can use them as shortcuts to the lists of assets with the chosen status.

The Usages section shows the number of current usages. By clicking the icon you get to the usages list. The status overview graphic shows the status of the usages: on going usages, asset reservations and late assets, i.e. assets that have not been returned after use. By clicking the sections, you can use them as shortcuts to the lists of usages with the chosen status.

The Labels section shows how many assets have specific labels. For example, a label could be called Broken or Needs maintenance. By clicking the  icon you can view all the different labels added to the service. In the labels graphic, one column presents how many assets have some specific label. By clicking a column you can view assets with that label.

The Files section shows the number of files attached to the assets’ information. By clicking the  icon you can view the files added to the service.

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Create your own shortcuts

You can add your most often used filters as your own shortcuts on the dashboard. This handy feature enables you to easily access your own pre-filtered lists of assets and usages. The shortcuts are shown on the upper left corner of the dashboard. Default shortcuts include My assets and My usages.

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Support requests

By clicking the round button on the lower right corner, you can open a chat and send a message to the Trackinno support. We appreciate comments, feedback, and any development ideas you would like to share with us. You can also contact us via email (support@trackinno.com).


The support request button is shown on every page in Trackinno service’s desktop version.

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Updated on March 6, 2017

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