Collecting feature is only available in Trackinno Mobile application (that is, you cannot use it with with Trackinno’s browser version).

With the Collecting feature, you can scan multiple Trackinno tags after another. This enables you to first collect assets into a list and then, for example, check them all out at once.

Start collecting by selecting Scan tag on the start screen.

After this you can scan the tags with an NFC or a QR code reader (read further instructions here). You can scan multiple tags after another, which creates a list of the collected assets into the Collecting view.

In the picture above, the first item on the list is an unregistered tag, which means it has not been linked to any asset yet. You can register the tag to an asset by tapping the row.

You can remove assets from the list by sliding the row to be removed to the left. This reveals a remove button on the right.

Once you’re ready with the collecting, you can check the assets on the list out/in by tapping the Check out / Check in button on the Collecting view. This opens a view shown below, where you can select the action (Check out / Check in) and a holder (who checks out or to whom/where the assets are checked in).

Updated on June 5, 2017

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